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    What is our mission?

We are a family that has dedicated the whole life of explorating every part of Skadar Lake: River Channels, Rivers, Islands, History, Monasteries, Fjords, Hidden Bays, wildlife and the complete wild beauty of the Skadar Lake. Our mission is to introduce you to all the beauties of the lake.
The best way to get to know Skadar Lake is to rent a boat and start an adventure. ​
Exclusive, Individual and Group Excursions. We highlight the possibilities: Monastery Tours, larger groups, Complete programs with included lunch, food and drinks, Bird Watching Fishing on the lake, and many others.

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    What do we recommend for you?

The Skadar Lake is really worth visiting. Experience the wild beauty of the lake and make your holiday unforgettable.
| RECOMMENDED: Rivers, Natural canals with  nests of the most popular bird species, Small bays and islands, Monasteries on islands, Old fishermen abandoned villages, Fjord of River Crnojevic “Pavlov’s side”, Cruise between the islands , Old historical monuments, Delta of river Moraca  with amazing panorama  on the bird world   (White Pelican, Cormoran, Gray and White Cloves, Wild Ducks, and other protected species).
Abandoned fortifications, Abandoned cities of all Montenegrin dynasties, Kom Monastery, Grmozur Island (Prison in King Nikola’s period), Bird Watching, Panoramas, Fishing on Lake, Lake Beaches and many other beauties that make up the National Park Skadar Lake.


Our “FLORA” company started working with one boat, we led tourists to visit the lake, how tourism in our area expanded, so we expanded our capacities and adapted to the wishes of tourists. Today we have four boats, one speed boat, two boats are with a toilet for a long ride on a lake.


The advantage of smaller boats in relation to large ships is the possibility of sailing along narrow canals and canals up to 30 centimeters of depth. This type of boat is ideal for driving to the islands and inaccessible parts of the lake.



The advantage of individual tours is because the guest chooses when he wants to go, how much he wants to stay on the lake and when he wants to be the departure time. 

Bird watching

Skadar Lake is a habitat for 281 species of birds, representing about 50% of the total number of European species and one of the richest wetlands in Europe.

Sport fishing

There are 42 species of fish in the lake. There is plenty of bleak, carp, perch. From the sea who is connected with river Bojana come sea fish like eel, skipjack, sea bass and others.


Skadar Lake, has surface area of 391 km2, and it is the largest lake in the Balkans, Montenegro has 2/3 lakes, while 1/3 is on the territory of the Republic of Albania. 281 species of birds live on the lake, nesting, wintering or moving, lake has the status of an area of international significance for birdlife (IBA) and is located on the world’s list of aquatic habitats of international importance (RAMSAR). There are 48 species of fish in the park, 50 species of mammals (the only water representative is otter). There is a diverse flora in the summer months of the water lily’s and water walnut wich can be stretched for miles.