Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake, has surface of 391 km2, it is the largest lake in the Balkans, Montenegro has 2/3 of the lake, while 1/3 is on the territory of the Republic of Albania. 281 species of birds live on the lake, nesting, wintering or moving, and lake has the status of an area of international significance for birdlife (IBA) and is located on the world’s list of aquatic habitats of international importance (RAMSAR). There are 48 species of fish in the park, 50 species of mammals (the only water representative is otter). There is a diverse flora in the summer months of the water lily’s and water walnut wich can be stretched for miles. Skadar Lake has a rich history and culture as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites, medieval monasteries and churches, fortifications and folk architecture (fishing villages, old bridges, mills and wells). Cruising with boats is one of the biggest attractions on the lake. In addition to numerous destinations, we have selected some of the most attractive ones to visit with our company.


Virpazar is located at the mouth of the river Crmnica and Oraosnica on the shore of the Skadar Lake. The once important economic center today has a mostly tourist character. From here, tourist boats organize excursion tours around the lake. In the mid-nineteenth century, the site began to gain an urban character. When a dock was built in 1905, Virpazar became the most important port on Skadar Lake. In Virpazar there are bridges on the rivers Orahovstica and Virstica, according to which this settlement is referred to as the “town on three bridges”. Virpazara can visit the Besac fortress from the 15th century. In Virpazar there are several restaurants with traditional cuisine where you can try specialties from the fish from Skadar Lake, as well as to taste the wines of the varieties Crmnicki Vranac and grapes brandy.