The advantage of smaller boats in relation to large ships is the possibility of sailing along narrow canals and canals up to 30 centimeters of depth. This type of boat is ideal for driving to the islands and inaccessible parts of the lake. | The shallow river channels, nests of the Cormorant, the Gray and White heron, the Pelican, the wild ducks  and many other species, are the most breathtaking tours for birdwatchers and photographers.
If you are a nature research enthusiast, you want get to an impossible location, then the best choice for you is to rent an individual boat.


Hit offer, .. fast speedboat at will, can take you to the desired destination quickly and efficiently, if you are limited in time, or eager for fast driving, you can shortly visit islands, monasteries and various populated places on the Skadar Lake.


Our company offers you a unique kayak adventure program. Whether you want to row with a flat line or explore the secrets of the Skadar Lake, we are at your disposal. Row along the Skadar Lake, explore fishing towns, make fantastic photos or videos, enjoy unspoiled nature
.. Enjoy the Skadar Lake with boats Flora & Fauna
Prices for kayaks in Skadar Lake

Kayak singly: 5 Eur per hour, 20 Eur for the whole day (more than 3 hours)

Double kayak: 10 Eur per hour, 30 Eur for the whole day (more than 3 hours).

Boat description:

  • Number of active boats: : 4 (four),2 (two) are with the toilet.
  • Speed boat: 3 + speed boat, speed boat has seats for 5 people
  • Kaiaking : 3 kayaks with capacity of two persons
  • Passenger capacity per boat: 15 persons per boat.
  • Engine type: Outboard Yamaha and Honda, very quiet eco engines.
  • Type of boat construction: Metal.
  • Inside of the boat: Nautical leather.
  • Awning: Yes.
  • Rescue belts: Yes.
  • Passenger and boat insurance: Yes.


Where can we find cruising arrangements?

There are many types of arrangements in the offer, please contact us for more information.

Do you cancel tours in case of bad weather conditions?

No, ships can be completely covered and safe for sailing

Dear visitors, if you have more questions please contact us.